white color cocktail gown

Episode 12.
“He is.” Aaron confidently answered.
Prudence nodded.
“Are you sure? Do you know details about him?”
“Of course. His dad and I being best buddies always talked about you and him.”
“His mother, Emily loved you a lot. Always wished you to be her daughter-in-law.”
“She is dead.” Purity blurted out.
Aaron and Prudence froze.
“How-how did you know?” Prudence enquired.
“Jeremy. We’ve been talking.”
“Ah!” Aaron exclaimed with joy. “That’s good. You guys have been getting along.”
“Um..not really. I want you guys to know that I’ve decided to marry him. Not that I love him ot want to please you two, its because his father’s sick and its his wish.”
“Whatever.” Prudence hugged her daughter. “This is the best news I’ve heard so far!”
Purity grinned. It had been a while since she saw her mum that way.
“He’s a good man. He’ll take care of you. You know you’re stubborn and all that. He’ll know how to. Just like me.”
Purity swallowed hard. This man always said things to get on her nerves. She promised herself she’d remain calm. “It wasn’t all about the company, right?”
“No, my love. All about you. Shall we celebrate?”
“Not yet. I want to rest and think.”
Purity wriggled herself out of the embrace.
Aaron Theodore knew his daughter could change her mind if they piss her off. He knew better than to upset her. He held his wife’s shoulder. “Take all the time, my love. Please, don’t change your mind.”
“By the way, you’re looking more beautiful in this your serene state. Jeremy sure does have a lot of good influence on you.” Prudence cut in.
Her husband nodded in agreement.
Purity nodded too and disappeared into the hallway.
Prudence’s eyes twinkled. “Oh, Aaron. I’m so happy. I can spot the changes in her.”
“Same here, darling. Told you Jeremy would be a great man especially for our Purity.” He kissed her forehead.
“Darling,” Prudence held on to Aaron and smiled. “Edwin’s sick. Lets call him.”
All dressed in a blue cocktail dress stripped with white, Purity sat on her king sized bed waiting for Jeremy to come pick her up. She heaved a sigh and lay on the bed. She was bored and still phoneless. It didn’t occur to her till now. When she probably needed to do things with it. Play games, check her emails, chat on Facebook; then read a story on w----d. She had no access to such. She’d probably get a phone the next day.
Dragging herself down from the bed, she stood in front of her dressing mirror. She looked down at her 4 inches black stilleto heels, to her cocktail dress. She wore a silver bracelet on her left arm. He neck, decorated with a silver neck lace which matched her bracelet. Her ears, a silver clip-on ear-ring. Her make up was mild and simple. She had applied powder, black eye shadow on both eyes, pink blush on both cheeks and a bright red lipstick. Her long brown hair was in a French twist. Her silver eyes shown. She looked so pretty. She stared and smiled at her reflection.
Where was Jeremy? She glanced at the wall clock hanging on the wall of her room. The time was 5:45p.m. Jeremy was to pick her up by 6:00p.m. They’ll hang out together till it was 8:00p.m, then they’ll go see Edwin. She was all dressed up now, waiting for him. Why had she prepared so early? Did she really want this date? Had she already started falling for Jeremy? No. No. It was all because of his father. If Jeremy hadn’t told her about his health and the death of his mother, she wouldn’t be doing this. Then, why had she hugged him? Just being sensitive to his feelings, that’s all. white color cocktail gown
What if you guys become so close and you start to fall for him? He is doing so for his father too, he might hurt you in the end. He doesn’t care about you one bit? You can’t do this. No, Purity. Stop this! How did you even get yourself into this miss? He might also be after your body. They all are. You’ll surely get hurt........
To be continued tomorrow