wedding garments in pale and blush pink

Like Vintage Style??? Check this out.
# BuffaloGalVintage
Model/Makeup: Me, Amaya Annaliese
Photographer: Desiree Sheridan
Hair: My Mom, Julie Reinhardt-Springer

Vintage Long Dress, Chartreuse Gown, Rhinestone Gown, Lillie Rubin Dress, Matching Coat, Movie Star Gown,Prom Dress, Evening Dress, Size S Here is a lovely vintage gown by Lillie Rubin. This designer has many quality, couture-like, details within all of her designs. This gown has unspeakable beauty! It is showered with multi-colored aurora borealis faceted rhinestones and sparkly hand-beaded accents. The color is wedding garments in pale and blush pink