trumpet of wedding

Ummmm a year later. I wonder if we still can't have the wedding!!!

1 Year Ago See Your Memories chevron-right Tendai Tshakisani Makavani February 7, 2017 ยท

Waiting For a Wedding Dress (c) 2017

Whilst we were still waiting to wear the white dress, the one that they said was for a peaceful mind, it got stained. Then ... we were stark because we had worn the green one before and it had discoloured with time. The yellow dress had lost its sharpness and we had stacked it into the pillow. So there was just the red one, the one we always feared to wear because red was for blood. And of course we could not wear black, lest everyone thought we were in mourning. So we tried washing the white dress but the stains could not come off. And it was morning already but the white dress was still stained. All we could do was to wait, maybe someone would have a better detergent. And whilst we kept waiting, they could not be a wedding. Who goes to a wedding without a white dress? So yes we are still waiting for a better white dress. trumpet of wedding