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Does your {Ancestry Kit} say that you are from somewhere in West Africa and that you only, if any have only 2% indigenous Native blood?

This might be the reason why...

1st. your ancestors where {miss-identified} as only Black/Negro because of the rule of {One Drop of African blood} made you Black on the census rolls regardless of your other DNA makeup of Indigenous Native, White, Spanish or Maloto/mixed.

2nd. This also lead to you not having an {Indigenous claim} to any American sole during the land grabs under the atrocious policies of the $5 Indian's Act, that were not even Natives at all..…/paying-play-indian…/

Also, Part of your DNA might be amongst The Freedmen's estimates... That contends, and many historians agree: "That at least 10 percent of all people on the Cherokee Trail of Tears were black people. The vast majority were slaves, though some were runaways and intermarried, free blacks. "Like John Horse -{c. 1812–1882}, also known as Juan Caballo, Juan Cavallo, John Cowaya (with spelling variations) and Gopher John, was of mixed ancestry (African and Seminole Indian) who fought alongside the Seminoles.

{Seminole}, - is derived from a Creek word meaning “separatist” or “runaway.” Because slavery had been abolished in 1693 in Spanish Florida, that territory became a safe haven for runaway slaves.
During the Second Seminole War/ Slave Revolt in Florida." {John Horse} Which might be the real {Nat Turner} because he actually won his Slave Revolt!! Everything isn't as we have been told. In fact, one of the best kept secrets in U.S. History John Horse won very big!

Time and known records of the Second Seminole War/ Slave Revolt:

"** Time & Place: 1835-1838, Central Florida.

** Participants: 385-465 slaves, 500-800 Black Seminole maroons.

** Outcome: In 1838, the U.S. Army allowed 500 blacks to move west with Seminole Indians. Half received promises of freedom, the only emancipation of rebellious blacks in the U.S. before the Civil War...." Oh, there's more:…/black-seminole-slave-rebellion.h…

We've been lied to on many fronts, and there is too much miseducation on who we really are to maintain the status quo! As the story goes, you were once a savage in this land and/or in Africa mis-identified in the America's suffering to this day from Stockholm Syndrome existence. Where you lost your language, your way of dress, your indigenous culture, the foods that you once ate, the names that you answered to, the clothes that you wore, the medical/medicinal practices herbal practices for wellness, and your faith/spirituality practices before that dreadful date in 1619 some 399 years ago! summer cocktail dresses

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