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The DJ had just begun playing one of my favorite jams,“Ms. Philadelphia” by Musiq Soulchild when I noticed little mama next to me giving me eye action.

Honey was straight checking for me, I could see by her side eye from the side of me. I would turn to her and she would turn her head the opposite way. I knew it from the body language she presented to me that she was digging me, and I must admit I was checking for her too.

I finally sparked up the nerve to say to her with confidence, “May I ask you a question little lady?”

She looked up at me with a sudden relief that I had said something to her. Mama was badder than a three-year-old with a caramel complexion that brought a sudden adrenaline rush to my pores and a waist that was out of this world. Her face gave off the vibes of Keri Hilson, and she smelled so sweet I could’ve devoured her whole.

“Maybe, it depends on how good the question is.” She answered with a devious glare.

“Are we going to keep staring each other down or make a move?”

She was instantly caught off guard by my bold appeal, “Wow. That blunt huh?”

I said back, “Yeah, it’s the only way that I can truly be. I see you checking for me…”

The woman placed a hand up and said, “Whoa. Let’s get one thing straight big daddy, you were checking for me. I could feel you staring from a mile away and you’re sitting right next to me.”

“Oh, is that right?”

“It’s damn right.”

“Well let’s say that I was checking for you. What would you do about it?”

She was devilish in nature, the way that she glared in the abyss of my soul and made me feel her body from within. The way her nipples were protruding already through her tight black dress and the way she licked the rim of her glass to tempt me.

Who was this woman?

I then asked, “Is this the type of question that’s supposed to be answered verbally or physically?”

“Your choice. Choose wisely.” She said as she took a lime and sucked on its’ meat.

“What’s your name sweet lady?”

She cocked her head and said, “Philly. Philly Washington.”

“Hmm, like the song describes. Ms. Philadelphia. And I’m guessing you grew up on the west side as well?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Look man why are we playing this introduction game? You’re obviously concerned with more than my name correct?”

“You’re pretty blunt yourself my Queen.”

“I have to be. There are two things that I don’t like to waste in life. A glass of liquor and time. I’m already full of liquor so let’s not waste any more time.”

I asked her cautiously, “You don’t even want to know my name?”

She then shut me down with a simple, “No.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you know mine. And if I like what I get, maybe I’ll want to know yours.”

This woman was serious, like a death sentence, and her sex drive was higher than a roller coaster. I thought that I loved sex but I guess I had just met my match. I decided to not waste any more time with her. I slipped her the address to my hotel and said to her vivacious face, “If time is your best friend, bring the both of you to my hotel tonight.”

Philly stood up with the card that I had given to her and said, “If you’re lucky. Only if you’re lucky.”

Philly then walked with a sexy swagger to the dance floor right as Sean Paul’s Give It Up To Me began to shimmer over the loud speakers

She wasn’t coming, I was sure that she wasn’t coming. The clock stuck three A.M and I was unable to sleep after my shower because my mind was penetrated by the presence of Ms. Philly from the west side. The way that our night at the club at the club, I was trying not to let it consume my mind but it was. I could still smell her, I could still feel her, I could practically taste her.

I paced around my room with a hunger for her body, and a need to experience the warmth that resonated inside of her. I should’ve done more, I should’ve taken advantage of the situation and left her with a memory that would force her to want to experience more of me.

I had given up on possibly having a one night stand with her because it was the crack of dawn and I knew that she was probably already sleeping off her wild night.


Now here I was sitting with an extreme boner protruding from my boxers as I laid in bed shirtless and barefoot smelling of the hotel’s soap. In my mind I continued to replay every moment that occurred as if it were a TV show, and this time I added in things that I should’ve said. We’ve all had those moments when we go back to a situation and begin to punish ourselves for not doing as much as we should’ve.

Maybe I should’ve done more.

Maybe I should’ve said more.

Maybe, I should’ve been more aggressive.

Whatever the reason, I couldn’t sleep so I went out to the hotel’s patio to smoke one of my cigars, taking in the view of L.A that I was blessed with having. Now I thought that I had heard a knock on the door initially but I was in such a relaxed state that I thought it was my subconscious playing tricks on me.

But then I heard it again, and this time I walked over to the door with a sense of urgency.

I felt like it could’ve been a hotel attendant trying to check on me, and seemed appropriate because it was almost time for the wake-up call hours. I took a deep breath and put out my cigar before answering the door.

It was her.


Philly was standing with her body slanted across the door, and her eyes were locked solely on me like a piece of meat. I thought that I was dreaming, maybe, I mean this woman’s beauty seemed like a fantasy. Yet, here she was in all of her glory standing before me in my hotel room.

“Can I come in or should I just stand here?” Philly asked with a trouble making smile across her face.

I grabbed her by the hand and allowed her in as I closed the door, first slipping a DO Not Disturb sign across the door knob. My dick was already doing jumping jacks inside of my boxers, it was hard to hide it. I watched Philly walk around the hotel room and nod her head, “Four Seasons. Impressive.”

“How so?” I asked to her as she removed her shoes.

“Just saying, you have a good taste.”

“Well obviously because you’re in here.” I said to make her blush, I was successful with that.

“Good answer.” She said with a smile. “You mind if I step into your bathroom for a second?”

“No go right ahead.” I said as I tried to maintain my composure while seeing her in her skin tight black dress yet again.

Philly glared at me as she skipped to the bathroom, never taking her eyes off my rock hard dick that was trying to say hello to her from inside of my boxers. She closed the door as I danced around a bit, throwing playful punches at the air with a ugly ass smile growing across my grill.

“You know, I wasn’t planning to show up here tonight.” She yelled from the bathroom.

“Oh really?” I asked. “Well why did you?”

“Because, I realized that I never got your name.”

“That’s because you didn’t want it.” I said back.

“Not true. I just wanted to wait.”

“Wait until…” I said

Philly then walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but lingerie, her hair was down to her shoulders. Philly’s ass was a gift from the Heavens, calling her thick was an understatement. Her body was a beautifully seductive temple, with tattoos covering her right leg, and one that stretched to her left collarbone.

“I wanted to wait until I had you to myself for the night. So can I have you to myself tonight?”

“The choice is yours.” I said challenging her to make a move in this sultry game of Human Chess.

Philly placed her right hand across my chest, her warm fingers maneuvered around my pecs flirtatiously. Philly walked around me as I stood still as her hand led itself from my pecs to my shoulders. I felt her kiss the top of my broad shoulders before leading her lips up the corner of my neck.

My body began to grow hotter as she faced me once again, kissing me softly, and leaving the taste of strawberries across my lips. We stood in the middle of the room chasing each other’s tongues with my hands trailing from her waist to around her soft ass. I gripped on her ass tightly as she let out a soft moan to show off her growing enticement and her nipples shivered in the air.

Philly then took her angelic tongue, first curling it across the side of my neck, and then licking a trail down from my chest to my belly button. The way that she would watch me as she teased me made the bulge in my boxers grow to maximum levels. I watched as she started to rub on my dick slowly like a genie rubs a bottle. The room was becoming hotter than the Devil’s tongue, the temperature was rising as she pushed me onto the bed.

The beauteous Philly then kneeled onto the edge of the bed as she with her teeth pulled my boxers off of me completely. Now, I laid on the bed naked, dick standing full salute and her hands wrapped around it to make me squirm around the bed with goosebumps covering my arms. She vivaciously jagged my dick, focusing on the nerves at the tip as I waited in anticipation as to what could be next. I closed to enjoy the moment, her touch was delicate yet rough, and simply magical. Philly then kissed around the tip of my swollen dick, and took her tongue to lick the slit of it to make my toes curl.

She smiled at my reaction because she knew that she had me at her mercy, she was winning the chess battle by default. Philly then took her tongue down the center of my dick before licking down to my balls where she placed them into her mouth while humming. It was a heavenly experience and my heart skip a few beats.

Philly wasted no more time with teasing me, she now had my dick at her whim, she placed the tip into her mouth before bringing it further in and sucking down on it. With a magician’s precision, she then deep throated my stick while jagging it with her right hand. She spit on it, licked it up, and then sucked on the sides of it to really make me go crazy.

Philly’s style was unbelievable divine.

I grabbed the back of her head with my left hand and then my right, encouraging her to keep going. I was near a quick climax but she could feel it, stopping to lick up my pre-cum. I felt like an angel in my own orgasmic Heaven, I was being treated with her mouth game. Every time that I would take a deep breath, she would start and stop again before looking at me with a sinisterly torturous stare.

I hadn’t even been inside of her yet and I was already consumed by her ravishing nature in the bedroom. Philly was having fun making my body her personal party, and she showed it with the way that she methodically took care of every inch of my skin.

It was my turn to show her what I was made of; I flipped her onto the sheets back first as I got my first real taste of her honey brown skin. Philly placed a hand up to my face and quickly said, “The balcony. Fuck me there first. I want to be fucked there.”

She asked, and she would then receive because I carried her out to the hotel’s balcony where I undressed from her lingerie. I knelt down to eat her sweet, delicate pussy from the back as she leaned over the balcony. Philly had a desire to let the entire world know that she was being pleasured by a real king, as she moaned loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear her.

I sucked each of her pussy lips, I was fiend for her sugary goodness, as I glided my tongue inside of her walls. I then twirled a finger around her clit while tongue fucking her into a temporary paralysis, giving her a mixture of both pleasure and pain. I knew all of the things to do to make her scream, it was such an enjoyable time.

I kiss her pussy, licked it and then kissed every inch of her skin with a pause before I then stood back up to kiss the back of her neck as I got my dick ready. I massaged her throbbing clit before spreading her legs and entering her to a huge gasp from her.

She arched her back, as I placed a hand on the back of her neck while gliding in and out of her. I wasn’t letting up on her either, I was coming with a reckless state of mind. Philly threw her ass back as I started to pound her faster and faster to a high pitched shrill from her body. The way that she beckoned me to bang her harder from the back was all of the motivation that I needed.

It felt so good being inside of her, the thrill of having sex with her in a setting that was quite unusual really turned me on.

“Yess, like that. Like that.”

She gripped both of my arms and dug deeply into them, the pain actually increased my aggression. As I pumped inside of her, she began to let out a seductive laugh, she was loving what was happening to her.

She let out a demanding beckon, “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me like that. Just like that. Right there, yes.”

I gave her exactly what she wanted from me, I gave the ecstasy that she desired as we stood on that balcony. The 3am air relaxed our sweaty bodies, our blood rose to the maximum level and I then picked her up to bring her to the bed. I threw her down, and spread her legs to get a taste of her sweet, creamy pussy. I buried my face between her thighs, she screamed out her chants of eternal bliss.

I then slid back inside of her succulent walls, her eyes began to roll into the back of her head and she gripped the sheets tightly. I was showing her that stepping into this hotel room was the best thing that she could’ve done, she would remember this night for the rest of her existence.

I folded her legs across her chest as I pumped inside of her with the intensity of a Lion in heat, I was almost near my climax. The higher her pitch went, the harder that I would go inside of her in the position that I had her in.

My placed one of her toes inside of my mouth as I drilled inside of her which made her legs shake, her mouth opened wide and her juices to squirt across the bed. I felt mine coming as well, legs were becoming looser than spaghetti noodles and the tingling sensation became furious. After I hit my orgasm, I ended up slumping down next to her near comatose body and staring at the ceiling in shock.

This sexual experience was something euphoric, a soul snatching, mind numbing experience that changed the way I looked at sex forever. I leaned in next to her half -awake and highly satisfied body while whispering, “My name…is Avant.”

I ended up falling asleep shortly after smoking another cigar and drinking a beer. Meanwhile, Philly was sound asleep from the bomb diggity that I had hit her with. I mean this chick was sleeping like Cinderella or something.

Poor girl.

The next morning however, I was the one who ended up waking up in a pool of drool with pillow marks across my face. I sat up from my slumber next to a yellow note that smelled of Philly’s perfume. On the note it read;

Dear Mr. Avant

You and that dick of yours was quite the troublesome pair last night. I must say that you did indeed put it down on me. It’s not easy to say that considering that I’ve had some disappointing affairs in the past. However, you were something quite different. Well, I don’t want to ramble on too long, I just wanted to say that it was great meeting you and I wish you the best of luck in your future. You won’t be seeing me again and it’s probably best that way. On the bright side, I can say without a doubt that you were the best I ever had. Cheers to your next lady, she’s going to be a lucky one. purple evening gowns

Thanks for the bomb sex. Farewell and welcome to Los Angeles.


I read that note over three times and it made me grow a larger Kool-Aid smile every time that I read it. I kissed the note, placed it in my bag before taking one last look at the hotel room. Philly gave me one hell of a great welcome to the city.

? ? ?

S/N: This story will continue a full paged novel coming soon