mother of the groom dresses for beach wedding

Third Wheel for hire
Service date: Feb 14. 2018

Service rate: 80 per hour, minimum of 3 hours. (Promo: 11 hrs for only php 800.00)
- you can choose if you want me to be like a guy or a girl ( includes Voice changing (yes i can shift my voice with different levels of tones and pitch), Dresscode/Clothing, action and personality, "Feminine, Masculine" Basis). :)
- i can speak 4 different languages (note: Basics only) 3 Filipino Dialects, and can speak with different accents. You can choose what you prefer. ?
- i can sing, dance, and i am good in public speaking, these talents are available for any plans you have in mind. (Ex. Serenading);)
- i have a phone with 16mp back cam and 8mp front cam with 5 apps for Photo Capturing ( i think it's ok enough), and I have an average photography skills. Video recording as well and will be willing to edit for you but for an additional fee. mother of the groom dresses for beach wedding ?
- i am good with socialising (although i love spending time alone), can give you advices and have a good sense of humor. ?
- i eat a lot, but i can restrain myself, but you won't be having problems of not able to ubos your pagkain because i am willing to eat it all. Lmao. ?
- if you won't like your ka-date or your ka-date doesn't like you, i can be your ka-date. ?
- security measures of course, i can be your body guard. ?
- i always bring emergency items like: alcohol, deodorant, toothpaste etc, in case manimaho you i am to the rescue. ?

Note: you are to provide me food, and must keep my tummy satisfied.

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