mother of the groom and bride evening wears

What's on my mind is why do girls who dress like men always start trouble with men? Why is that? Like a girl with breast dressed like a dude s always running off at the mouth... especially outside public places like Kroger? So if u as a man say something to the thing you look like a bad person...and in reality they look like the bad guy with breast.. confusing not know a man or that's a problem and irritating to see... especially when they black and have kids ....that's crazy if u ask me they should just go get a surgery and be a man...and stop being used to make problems with people. To get people locked up with there laws.... smh so mean and if u even talk about them to the wrong person they plan to mess ur life up secretly like I know this one girl did at the register last week when we was talking about someone who probably work with her who was a lady dressed like a man (confusing) ..well I don't care and i know u probably it the set up too...all u can go suck ur mother everybody who is In The little fool fool set up.. mother of the groom and bride evening wears