mermaid style bridesmaid dress

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A Fashion Model's Unfulfilled Love Story in Vietnam... (6)

"Imagine a beautiful woman wearing a checker patterned short jacket and a grass pattern mid thigh skirt walks with a man wearing a green cardigan and also a grass pattern knee length shorts in a country setting environment, what do you see with your eyes? I see a beautiful woman wearing almost matching attires with a man walking with her in a rustic environment of country-style buildings. The woman is a beautiful woman with a full head of golden brown hair which she lets it hanging off to the back of her face. And as the woman walks with the man in almost matching attire on the green grass amid an old tree, they look good together as to compliment each other. And it is the morning after the woman has had dinner with the man and three of her former classmates for a reunion, the woman woke up and soon after taking a morning shower; the woman received a call from her classmate. In the phone call, her classmate said he would come to pick her up at the hotel and then he would drive her to the university where they were studied together. And before she hung up the phone, her classmate said, "Dress casual for the day, and then maybe bring along a dress or something for the evening." The woman, as a fashion model, she understood and immediately walked to the mirror's closet to see what were available for her. In the closet, there were four fresh sets of clothing, two casual styles, one long red gown and one white cocktail dress. Thinking about what her classmate had said, she picked out the causal skirt-jacket ensemble for the day and the white cocktail dress to bring along for the evening. And when the time arrived for her classmate to come to the hotel to pick her up, the woman walked down to the hotel lobby with the cocktail dress in a plastic bag to meet her classmate. While driving to their former university which is located in the rural area some 25 kilometers away, her classmate tells the woman about his plan for the day. First, they will tour the university and the surrounding beautiful countryside where they used to go while studying, in the evening, then he will drive to a lakeside resort to have dinner together. The woman likes the plan, and as they tour the university walking along the grassy pathway, they talked about things they have done, accomplished all these years after graduating. And then when it is lunch time, the two walks into a local restaurant specializing in seafood dishes. After ordering their dishes, as the waitress brings them their mineral water, the woman then asks her classmate, "You don't drink "ca phe sua da, the ice coffee" anymore, don't you?" Her classmate then replies, "No, I can't drink it anymore although I like it, you know as you are a model too, we need clear skin!" The woman then says, "Yes, the other day I ordered one to go, I can't say I like it anymore!" And the woman continues, "But do you remember while studying, whenever we ordered one even if I ordered it myself, the waiter, male or female, always brought it to the man's side without regards if it was ordered by a woman." Her classmate then laughs, "Yeah, they always assume that it is the man who drinks it!" The woman then asks, "Should we try it here?" Her classmate says, "Sure, you order one and see what happens." The woman then calls the waitress and says, "Tôi muốn có một ca phe sua da với cà phê thêm trong đó." And when the waitress comes back with the "ca phe sua da," the extra ice coffee, without regard the woman has ordered that, the waitress put it right in front of her classmate side. The woman then rolls her eyes and pulls her hair as her classmate laughs and says, "You prove your point!" ... And that's what I see in that woman's skirt!" - Phillip Lo mermaid style bridesmaid dress