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*A Son I Never got to Meet*
Episode 1

It was on Wednesday, the evening was calm and sunny I remember. I made the call but she never picked up. She had never failed to pick up my calls, this got me bothered. I was 13years old by then, she was my everything. I called again and there was no answer. I decided to go for some physicals to keep fit. After my workout, I went back to my room. My best friend, Kyla came in and said, "Hey, your mum just called."

"What did she say?" I asked

"She asked where you were but I told her you went out"

"Thanks Kyla." I replied.

I sensed something was wrong, I had a bad feeling but I didn't know why. Two days later, John showed up, he was my eldest brother. I could see distress in him, he could not even look me in the eye. He told me to pack my things, we have to go home. A sharp pain ran accross my spine, John could not talk to me neither look at me, I sensed something terrible was going on, but I was too scared to ask what it was for I feared that the answer might be sad. We dropped by Naomi's office, Naomi was John's wife. We got into the office, I could see terror written on Naomi's face. John locked the door and said, "Haman, it is oky if you cry but you have to be strong for your little sister Diana." I needed no more information, I just knew what he was to say next. Three nights before John showed up, I had a nightmare, it was my worst nightmare, a nightmare I so hoped would never happen but only to find out three days later, it was not just a nightmare but was a vision. "It's mum." John said. I tried to cry but tears could not flow, I was in a freeze state. "She was at the hospital, yesterday monin she left us, we lost her Ham." John confirmed my worst fears. I just wished it was all a dream which I was to wake up from but till to date, I have never woken up from that nightmare. About 8 years later, I am now out in the streets selling 2nd hand books and newspapers. I have a degree in linguistics but I could not find a white collar job hence decided to be a newspaper vender, I needed to earn something for my survival. One day, I woke up as usual in my humble iron sheet house, while lying on my thin mattress on the floor I could see the stars on my roof, stars made of the rays of the rising sun. I could not afford to buy bread for breakfast, I just took a cup of coffee and was off to work as usual. My spot for selling the books and newspapers was in the city, it was at the middle of many huge companies. I sat there, gazing at the passing people, just then I had a unusual customer. A well dressed fairly tall lady in a purple dress and some super expensive shoes stopped by my desk and asked, "Excuse me please, do you have a copy of today's newspaper?" "Yes I do ma'am." "Give me three copies," she said giving me a five hundred note. I gave her the newspaper copies and said, "Ma'am, let me get you change, hold on for just a minute." "Keep change," she replied smiling. The highest tip I ever got in my line of duty was a twenty Bob, the lady just left me a 350 tip, "Thank you so much ma'am." I said. "Call me Maureen, I work just across the street, I see you work hard everyday from my office and today I decided to come see what you sell." She said. "Thank you Maureen, am humbled!" I replied. She walked back to her office and I was left behind reading the newspaper of the next day, I used to get a draft copy of the next day's paper as I collected my supplies for the day. I had a tendency of filling in the Word Puzzles and even correcting errors made by the publishers of the papers, on the draft copy, then later in the day I would drop my corrected copy of the newspaper draft at their office for an extra coin. It was at five o'clock in the evening, time for office workers to go home. Maureen passed by before going home and said, "I saw you had a newspaper you had done word puzzles, kindly help me with it?" She request. "Am sorry but it is the only copy, I have to return it to their office." I replied. "Oh okay. See you around tomorrow." Maureen said as she walked towards he car. I was watching Maureen leave when I saw a man withdraw a gun from his bag.... long sleeve plus size formal dresses

Episode 2 coming soon.