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Murica 4: How Do I Return?
(chapter Fourteen)
I wasn’t myself, I was praying for
afternoon to come quickly, the worst of
it is that when you are waiting for
something to come that’s when it will
began to slow like tortoise, I keep
checking my time every minutes to see if
it’s twelve yet, when I can’t wait any
longer I took my phone walk outside
after dressing up, I walk to a barbing
salone close to my house and started
playing socker game, I play till twelve in
the afternoon.
As I was returning to my house my
phone started ringing, I know it’s her
and I pick it up immediately.
“Hello, what’s up angel?” I answer.
“I hope you are ready because am on
my way” she said.
“Yeah am ready” I said.
“Okay good” she said and cut the call.
Minutes later I saw a camry pack in front
of my house, I know it was her so I took
my things and started walking to the car
while I phone continue ringing, I didn’t
want to pick because I know it was her.
I got close and then she open the front
seat for me.
“How are you?” I ask as I sat on the car.
“Am very fine” she replied.
She wore a full black gown, she look
stunning as ever which I compliment
her for.
She put the car on high speed as we
drive pass auchi and enter avbiele road.
Avbiele is a town close to auchi, ninty
percent of avbiele people are Muslim just
like auchi, she drive for fifteen minutes
and we get to avbiele she corner to one
untarred road on our left, we pass many
houses before she finally stop at one
small green fine house.
“We are here” she said as she off the
We came down and then I followed her
to the house, she knock and one old
man with long white beards opened the
door, they greet with their language and
then invite us in, the house is nice with
good sitting room chairs, I sat on the
chair while the girl followed the man
inside maybe to talk, minutes later angel
return telling me to followe her, I follow
her into one inner chamber filled with
white chalks, the small room contain red
clothes on each wall with mats on the
ground, I sat on the mat as instructed.
“You are going to take this thing inside
this bottle” the old man said pointing at
the bottle in front of me, I look at angel
and she nod for me to take it.
I didn’t think twice if na kill the thing
want kill me make e kill me, I took the
bottle and empty everything inside my
“You will be gone for three days” the
man said.
I wasn’t scared so I just relax and then
angel said
“I will be here when you wake up okay,
so don’t be scared” she said.
“Am not scared” I replied.
“I know you are not and that scares me”
she said.
“Relax on your back and close your
eyes” the old man.
I relax and close my eyes, the liquid taste
like white chalk filled up with hot dry
gins, they both leave the room and close
the door, they said they will come check
on me again, the moment I close my
eyes that’s it, I didn’t wake up again till informal casual wears for a beach wedding
three days later, and guess what?
Nothing happened.
I woke up in the same dark room with
nobody around, I didn’t know if I have
stayed for three days or not but I know
my stomach is empty and am very
hungry, I stood up and open the door, I
came out and saw a fine little girl of six, I
taught I was still dreaming so I clean my
eyes very well and there she still is
looking at me.
“Who are you?” I bend and ask her.
“You are in my house, who are you?”.