illusion neckline wedding gown

It was back to work today at ‘The Manor’ after a few days off. It’s really nice that after 16 years of performing it we still get reviewers coming to see it to review. This particular review did make me laugh. The reviewer starts off saying that he hadn’t reviewed our show in 16 years because he doesn’t like our kind of show. He obviously also didn’t like Edward Doheny, (who my character is based on), calling him a robber baron, and the fact that we told a tale about a 10 year time span from the first planing, to the demise of it all. ? Gee… I wonder what kind of review he’s going to give us?! He did get one thing very wrong, He talks about the wedding between Sean, (my son) and Marion, (my WIFE!!). I had fun with this coming into the dressing room the next day and calling out my ‘wife’ and demanding to know what was going on between my wife and my son while I’ve been away. However, the reviewer did seem to like me, so I forgave him. But, during tonights performance in the opening act, I ask my ‘wife,’ “was it worth it, me being away so much of the time leaving you with and empty bed.” She started to answer me and then starting thinking of the reviewer’s implications when she said her line, “well I had Sean!” She got so flustered she forgot the rest of her line. Being the wonderful actress Carol is, she saved it and the audience never knew - but I did. Ah… live theatre, you got to love it. That and my ‘daughter-in-law’s’ blouse being unintentionally ripped open during the fight scene on the staircase. - And how was your evening? illusion neckline wedding gown
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