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Today at The Marikamba Temple in Sirsi, Karnataka, India. It is one of the most ancient RAssian-Aryan Matriarchal temples dedicated to AMA = Warrior-Mother, Sar-mat = Tzar Mother, the leader of the RAssian-Aryan Amazon women who came to Indo-Stan as the first wave of RAssian-Aryana from the Polar areas of RAssia approximately 7,000 BC. Matriarchy was before Patriarchy. Marikamba Temple is devoted to the Woman-Warrior, called Durga and Kali. We, RAssian-Aryan Scythian-Sak have the same depiction of our Great Mother APA / ABA / BABA. She is depicted with a sword in one hand, and with a cut-off head of a male in the other hand. These depiction are found on Don river, in Crimea, in Caucuses, and across the Urals, in Siberia and down to Indo-Stan.

Later, with the transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy, APA / ABA / BABA was transformed into a male — into ABA as father, and into BABA as male teacher. But in RAssia, BABA is still a designation of a woman and of a Matriarch in the family. The same way, DEVI is a male God in the patriarchal Hinduism, while in RAssia, DEVA (singular; plural = DEVI) is a designation of a girl, a virgin.

Marikamba Temple has the other evidence that the it was founded by RAssian women. It has the depiction of a Griffin (Griffon) - a Firebird, Fiery Falcon = Gorgona / Garuda. The symbol of Crimea is a Griffin, as well as the symbol of Scythians / Sarmateans on river RA / Volga, and Scythian / Sarmateans in Urals and Siberia, down to the Garuda of Thailand.

MA-RA = Mother of RA (Absolute Light) was also depicted as a female face with hair as snakes = rays of Light. Sun was a woman. In Ancient RAssian tradition, during a wedding, a bride is symbolized by the Sun, and a groom is symbolized by the Moon. Also MA-RA = RA-MA was depicted as a woman with her arms as snakes, her legs as snakes, and even her dress as snakes. Also she was depicted as a fearce warrior with her hair as fire and with a tongue out or between her teeth. This is because RAssian women were a success of taming all animals, including the horse, in the area of Southern Urals, which is archaeologically proven. Also, it is archaeologically proven that bronze was invented by RAssian women as well in Southern Urals, in Arkaim, and Swastika cities like it. In the Arkaim Bronze Age graves 3,500 BC, only RAssians with R1a1 are found.

Horses and metal weapons allowed RAssian Amazon women conquer Indo-Stan. Their war cry was ALA-LA. And that is why they were depicted with their tongues between their teeth. Alla = Arya (Aliman = Ariman).

In almost every Indian Temple, you can see the fiery face of the RAssian-Aryan Warrior woman with her tongue sticking out above the front door. MA-RA protects the entry to her home. But later, with the transition to Patriarchy, in some temples, the males had added mustaches to the female face of our Grear Mother. Also, at the entrances to the Temples, two women are standing - one on one side of the door, and another one on the other side of the door.

When RAssian-Aryan Warrior women came to Indo-Stan and Andes from Anadyr in the Polar area of RAssia, they married local Neanderthals = Hanu-Man, thus, literally saving them from degradation. Locals degraded near the equator after the last global war, due to the nullification of the two electro-magnetic torsions, one rising up from the Sourh Pole, and another one descending from the North Pole (well-known physical phenomenon, so-called electro-magnetic anomaly on the equator). To the contrary, RAssian-Aryan women were able to restore civilization after the last global war of the Giants (of the Megalythic civilization, 16000 BC) near RAssian North Pole due to the Quantum effect of the cupola shape of the ionosphere over the North Pole, which forms the scalar wave diffraction grating for the refraction towards the zero center of the wave crystal. This was possible due to the Day of the Gods - the extended continuous signal of the 6-month long “Polar Day”, plus the interglacial period 7000 BC, when in the RAssian Polar areas, the temperature did not fall below the winter temperatures in modern Greece.

RAssian-Warrior women came down the river RA (Ancient name of river Volga - major RAssian river); from river Euphrates in Siberia; river Ama-Sar in Siberia (herefrom we got “Amazon women”), and from thirty rivers in the viscinity of Moscow, in the Oka river basin, which are identical to the rivers in Mahabharata.

RAssian-Aryan Warrior Women (Amazon women) were also depicted as Lionesses. And we see the same female RAssian-Aryan Lioness ALLAT / El-Lada / Lada in Marikamba Temple as we see in Egypt (Sphinx) in Afrika, Syria = Surya in the Middle East, in proper RAssia, in India, and in China, along with RAssian-Aryan Swastikas and woven patterns (so-called “Celtic”). And, of course, we see the Lion-Mother in the Marikamba Temple, though already transformed into he male Lion.

Also, Marikamba Temple preserved the tradition of jointly feeding the tribe by the Matriarchs. The tribe consisted of large families / clans. In Arkaim, the Swastika round city was decided into two rows of sectors. Each sector housed an extended family of 30 to 40 people. Archeologists did not find any social / property distinctions between sectors. There was equality between the clans. There was no provate property on land, since the tribe was changing location every 70 years due to soil exhaustion. Tribe was working the land jointly. That was a Matriarchal Socialism. Inside the extended family, there was communism - the joint sharing of personal property. In the middle of the round Swastika city of Arkaim, there was a round square. Every Saturday (Sabbath), the Matriarchs were putting a fire in the middle, and cooked communal ritual meal - VAR (“varit’“ = “to cook” in RAssian). Every clan was getting sitted in a radial row. The Marikamba Temple has the same ritual communal meal = VAR. Herefrom we have the name of the caste as “VAR-NA”. VAR-NA literally means “NA VAR” = “to” “Var”. There were no hierarchy, caste division, inequality, slavery and parasitism. Varna was simply the designation of a clan. evening party formal wears for mature women over 50

Even today, foreigners are freely admitted into the Marikamba Temple and can partake in the ritual and even in the communal meal. The meal is still served in rows - VARNAS, though not in radial rows inside a circle. Here I am with BABAS of the Marikamba Temple, who cook and serve the communal meal. Before this shot, I partook in the ritual. And after this shot, I partook in the communal meal.