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Well today was another incredible day.. One of our winners of a box of Roses Norma Boon decided that she would like to redraw her gift of Fresh long stem Roses, Even though she really wanted the roses for her grand daughter that has a birthday tomorrow.. This is how miracles of God take place.. I said I wouldn't redraw the Roses however I would bring them up to Calvary Hospital or give them to someone that would appreciate her she was wrapped..I had just been at Calvary for a large part of the afternoon visiting patients and giving them a beautiful bunches of Fresh Roses that we had left over from Valentines Day.. Every year all our left over roses go to the patients in the hospital.. So I thought I would do this tomorrow..Cause I was just so exhausted..However I thought I know someone that needs a cheering up today but had no idea who that was at that moment.. I told hubby that before I arrive home it will come to me.. I left the shop at 7:15pm and its starts to get dark around 7:30pm now.. I literally got about half a kilometre from home and stopped at a red light..and in the distance I saw a little old lady well dressed in all black..wiping the tears away from her face with a handkerchief.. A light blob moment right there for me..30 seconds later the light turned green and I slowly pulled over to the side of the road.. I stopped the car and walked over to this gorgeous 86 year old lady.. I asked her if she was ok..and that I'm a earth angel here to help her.. God knows why I even said that! She said that she was so stressed and that's ONLY one of the reasons why she was crying..She called for a Taxi and hour and 15min ago..and it's getting dark..she was starting to get scared..This area has No bus stops and on a main hwy just outside a nursing home.. I asked her her name she said Sonja, Then I asked her why she was waiting out there in the middle of NO where.. She said her 40 year son is in this home and on life support after a one punch attack 9 months ago.. She was called early this morning and the doctors wanted her to turn off the life support of her son today due to him really deteriorating over the past 24hrs.. I asked her if she had some family I could call..She said No!! I need to get home to my terminally ill 90 yr old husband.. As Sonja continued to cry I looked at her in her gorgeous blue eyes and said.. Sonja I know you don't me.. But I would like to drive you this moment my beautiful husband drove past me on the HWY on way home from work too.. As he smiled and waved at me I knew what he was thinking she's picked a donor for her Bunch of Roses..THATS NOT ODD FOR ME! I gave Sonja the bunch of fresh roses and orchids and she started to cry more..saying if you only understood what this means to me.. I've had a really traumatic day! She walked over to my passenger door of my car and as I opened it she said..You have been sent to me from God..thank you.. cocktail formal outfits with long sleeves ? ? So off we went to Rockdale 15 mins drive away.. I phoned Salv and told him what I was doing and she thanked him on the car speaker ph..Sonja and I talked all the way to her home. As I pulled up outside her home she said that she will never forget me and I will be in her prayers everyday cause things like this just don't happen and that no one will believe her.. After giving her my details in case she ever needs me..She gave me a hug that would of last at least a minute.. And I said good bye.. Thanks to Norma Boon I felt her Roses needed to go to a special someone.. This photo was taken just before I left her place..Bless you Sonja.. Until we meet again. ? ❤️