burgundy formal dresses

This female very beautiful well put together, we meet online exchanged numbers very mysterious, in her early 30,s but only text u twice a month y'all chill if u go to the bathroom and comes out she's naked very sexy, light skin beautiful but as soon as u have sex she's ready to leave! After hrs of Playing don't matter how long it take she's never in a rush but u come out the bathroom she's dressed. I never see her around, she don't know where or no one in her neighborhood everything a single man could ask for but I had this feeling for a while like she's married! So but then I thought about it and wondered how many females that liked u and u put them in that position like I don't want a relationship just sex! and they would only hit me twice a month so I guess no one really took me seriously because of what I gave off saw it is true that u reep what u saw, so with that being said I stopped answering her text months ago I mean maybe 2 weeks lol but I looked at myself as the problem, so u don't want every female that's my friend it's gonna be sexual we both should have boundaries burgundy formal dresses ? and I was talking to my homeboy about his wife in Long Island he just brought a house and she the sweetest thing to him take care of his kids when they come over and showed me a vid of them at their wedding she looked so beautifully happy should I tell him ?