Ucenter Dress grandmother of bride dress

(in tim and regens motel room. tim and regen. are watching ? ) tim: how was your movie with topaz? uh-huh. It was fine. she wants to see critteies that one ninja pony saw. yeah that was probably the worst thing that happened this week next to the heart thing but tempest couldn't help but take a photo of her in. Patches: look mommy I am in a wedding dress. tempest: chasy is gonna kill me. but I want a photo. starchaser: by goddess Faust red mane! My wedding dress! Ucenter Dress grandmother of bride dress ? ? maci! Patches get in here! patches: oopsie haysie. I cut it up so it would fit me! tempest: ? ? at least you told the truth. starchaser: (sniff.) thank goddess your hear. Rachel: hey what's going on in here? oh.. I see. let me help you out. are you done playing wedding? Patches? patches: yes miss Scott. Rachel: (magically reassembled ? .) starchaser: ? thank you miss joy. (sniff and nuzzles Rachel.) Rachel: hey now I was kid too. starchaser: (sniff.) I know I know.